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Guides to build a unique Living
Environments To Your Requirements.

Vastu Guru is founded by a professional Vastu Experts to build a harmony with nature. We assist people to live a peaceful life by using our ancient knowledge of Vaastu Shastra. At Vastu Guru, We impart authentic knowledge which is practiced professionally under the meticulous trained

We aim to build peaceful spaces to experience harmony by offering an effective scientific Vaastu solutions. The idea is to offer a perfect mélange of energies to create harmonious and prosperous living spaces.

We will help you to Improve efficiency, enhance productivity and minimize worries. Our main motto is to bring positivity and prosperity in the best possible way.

Dr. Rajendra Raj Sudhanshu

30+ Years Experience of Vastu & Astrology

  • Expert Vastu Professional
  • Instant Access Worldwide
  • 24×7, 365 Days Availability
  • Accurate Remedial Solutions
  • Guaranteed Privacy
  • Trusted by Thousands

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