Vastu Shastra
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Vastu shastra is an ancient architecture science. Which concern about not only home or building but concerned with total well being of a person who is residing or working there. Vastu take care of health, happiness, peace, prosperity and progress. Modern architectural is limited responsible for structural and interior of home or any building.
Home Vastu
Office Vastu
Vaastu consider the electromagnetic energy effect of planets and stars. Vastu also consider natural sunlight and fresh air circulation and seasonal effect. Vaastu gives us the way to live with nature by achieving maximum blessing or gifts of nature.
Office vastu

Farm House Vastu
Vaastu is based on four directions north, east, south and west and eight sub directions and livels of floor and elevation of building. Every direction spread sume specific energies which affects on our body & mind and interaction with others. House vastu works as a science as all of us know.
Farm house Vastu
Industries Vastu
Vastu shastra possesses all the characteristics of science like thinks rational and truly based upon cause and effects, vastu is a systematic study of the geological, solar, universal energes on us. So the people possessing projections towards east, north or Northeast enjoys good health and wealth with progress and prosperity.
Industries vastu

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