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Vastu Consultant
We are Vedic Indian astrologer and Vastu consultant Dr. Rajendra Raaj Sudhanshu & Surekha Raj Sudhanshu from Delhi , capital of India. Thanks to all of you for your beloved affection in Indian Vedic Astrology & Sudhanshu astro vastu. Different Indian Vedic astrology institutes in the India zone, have honored us for our dedicated work in Indian astrology and vastu. I (Dr.Sudhanshu) have been practicing in Vedic Indian astrology since last three decades and in the mean time found that astrology is closely related to vastu in all aspects and then I worked in this field and gained wonderful result on my clients and gave it a new vastu sudhanshu's astro vastu.
many Newspapers & TV channels witness our Vedic Sudhanshu astro vastu. If you agonize over problems of business, family, career, marriage, relationship, health and spirituality, Our online Sudhanshu astro vastu zone can provide you insight and guidance on matters that may have troubled you for years.
If you have any problem at your home, business or in industry, i.e., financial problems, lack of productivity, labor trouble, accident, theft, govt. dept. related trouble, reducing orders, dispute in family, partners and with workmen, health troubles in family, relationship among family members, and like to improve your life, peace, prosperity and get benefited by more and more power of your benefic planets at your HOME / OFFICE / SHOW ROOM / INDUSTRY etc. You may contact us.

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